Grupo Mexcalito

Mezcal Agasajo con Gusano

The product is smoothed (abocado), which means it is left in wooden vats of oak or holm oak for at least 2 months to get stabilized. Then combined with maguey worms to give the palate an exquisite and traditional flavor.

The Agasajo agaves are a variety of mezcal produced in a traditional way in traditional clay and stone ovens. These furnaces are lined with hot stone, agave leaves, mat and earth and they are left cooking the agave pineapple for three days, which allows it to absorb the flavors of the earth, wood, and smoke.

Mezcalitos was born from the dream and vision of creating a balanced mezcal which holds aroma and body that is also amiable to the palate of the world. This has been achieved by creating bonds with expert mescal artisans and recognized mescal producers in the states of Oaxaca and Morelos. Mezcalitos is focused on the creation of unique and exclusive mescal that highlights the aphrodisiac and spiritual qualities that mezcal is traditionally known for. All of the products are produced with 100% agave.



Salty Nuts



Region: Oaxaca, Mexico

Producer: Grupo Mexcalito

Mezcal: 100% Organic and Artisanal


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