Coutanseaux Aîné


Coutanseaux Aîné is a prestigious house of Cognac founded in 1767. For the past 250 years, the house has enjoyed of a glorious fame, being recognized as one of the most prestigious houses of cognac and becoming the official supplier of the Swedish Crown in the 19th century.

The Hors d’Âge cuvées (or very old vintages) are the result of an ancestral “savoir-faire”. A blend of the best eau-de-vie of Cognac that are at least 30 to 100 years old (some of today’s eaux-de-vie come from 1916).

Each bottle is different as each glass is hand blown by a Master in Cognac in order to
concentrate the best know-how of the region.

The bottle comes in a beautiful wooden box with its certificate showing to the owner of a Coutanseaux bottle the uniqueness of its alcohol.

This product is the top of the range cognac for Coutanseaux.

A bottle of its year of foundation (1767) was sold during an auction sales in 2014 at the Wellesley Hotel in London for $164.000. Since that day it became the oldest and the most expensive cognac ever sold.


The cognac Coutanseaux Aîné Hors d’Âge will amaze your senses with a long nose and an exceptional aromatic palette. Like a grand vin, it will need a decanting period before the tasting in order to let it expresses all its aromas. Some of its eaux-de-vie are aged of more than a 100 years old.

The tasting will lead you on a journey where your senses will be amazed. Notes of honey, ripe fruits and spicy aromas are complemented by sweet prunes and cooked oranges touches. On the palate there are is plethora of tastes going from the sweetness of ripe summer fruits before ending on intense oak notes and autumn berries.


100% Ugni Blanc from Grande Champagne

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