Thanksgiving Wine Pairings!

Posted by Barterhouse on November 12, 2021

As Thanksgiving approaches, you are probably bustling about making plans for side dishes and table settings, as well as setting your sights on the main event: a succulent turkey. But in all of your ramblings, it is very important to consider what to drink with dinner, as these plans sometimes get left until the last minute, and then you are forced to run around and try to find something appropriate at the last minute. At Barterhouse wines, we can help you pinpoint exactly which wines will go with your Thanksgiving feast this year, and ultimately set you up for success as a host.

Since Thanksgiving is known for its aromas and tastes, it is very important that you find the appropriate wine to serve with the food you are providing that day, so that your meal is balanced and the flavors bring out the best in each other. If you choose a dark wine that overpowers the flavor palate, you will lose the meal. But on the other hand, you can’t serve something too summery that will not match up to the depths of flavor on the Thanksgiving table. Let Barterhouse help you wade through the choices and find the perfect pairing. 

One Wine to Carry You Through

If you are looking for a one-size-fits-all wine that will help take you from the appetizers through to the pumpkin and apple pies for dessert, sparkling wine or champagne are both very good choices. From fried or salty appetizers to turkey and all the fixings, to the rich desserts at your table, the bubbly acidity of sparkling wine or champagne will hold up throughout the entire meal.  Our Premier Cru Blanc de Blancs will impress with its citrus palette accompanied by mango, papaya, and passion fruit. With its balanced acidity, it can accompany you and your guests from appetizers through dessert. Another strong choice to last through all of the courses is Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Extra Dry Millesimato. Lemon yellow with a hint of pineapple and joy, this effervescent accompaniment will bring out the best in your appetizers, main dishes, and desserts as you and your guests give thanks for the wine and all good things. 

Wine Choices for the Main Event

If you are looking for a white wine that will go with the main event, the herby undertones of stuffing and thyme-enhanced turkey, as well as everyone’s favorite mashed potatoes, look no further than Les Buy, Sancerre. This wine’s rich texture will blend well with your traditional Thanksgiving fare, and its gooseberry and citrus fruit aromas will stand up nicely to your turkey and stuffing. With its bright acidity, it will help to lighten what can often be a rather heavy meal. 

Another strong contender for the holiday meal is The Original Pinot Noir, which hails from the South of France, whose ocean breezes create a clean, light red wine that will be perfect on your Thanksgiving table. This is the quintessential match for roasted meats and will go well with the masthead main dish. With its subdued earth tones and a hint of leather, this pinot noir will perfectly complement stuffing and gravy and all the vegetable dishes you serve.

Although Thanksgiving is a time to come together, that does not always mean that everyone is in agreement about the type of wine to serve. If you or your guests are straddling the fence, you can make everyone happy with the choice to serve a rosé. Cotes de Provence Rosé, 2019 is our choice for a dry, fruity wine that will pair well with all parts of the meal. The hints of litchi, pomelo and ripe white peaches will freshen your palate as you enjoy all of the Thanksgiving favorites. 

L’Esprit de Provence Rosé, 2018 is another utilitarian yet elegant wine that will help your guests enjoy the holiday meal. Passion fruit, peach, and pomelo will bring a lightness and freshness to your table that will pair perfectly with the main dish of turkey and all the fixings. The slight sweetness of the finish will blend with the herbed dishes on the table to delight your guests. 

Dessert Delights

After the crush of food has left the table this Thanksgiving, most of your guests will have still saved room for desserts. If you are looking for a wine to serve with your desserts, Castello Di Poppiano Vin Santo Della Torre Grande, from 2007, is sure to please your crowd when it comes to topping off your meal. The natural sweetness of the wine plus the aging in oak makes it seem even more decadent. Even those guests who claim to not be fans of wine will take delight in pairing this with pumpkin pie or chocolate ganache at the end of the Thanksgiving meal.

Take the time now to prepare the wines that will accompany your Thanksgiving feast, and you will be thankful that you did not wait until the last minute to ensure the perfect accompaniment to your meal.

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